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Who Wants To Write A Murder Mystery?

Better still, why enjoys a good mystery? Because if you have ambitions of completing a murder mystery suspense book, you will have to start with the reading. Okay, so perhaps you have been following your favorite murder mystery writers for a while. You get the picture. Or so you think. Remember this, you are only following a few good best-selling writers. If you believe in quality, perhaps that list of preferred authors can only be counted on one hand.

But if the list is now bordering on endless that’s, like, wow, oh okay. Have yourself a ball and continue with your reading. There would be no point otherwise. No point in reading or doing something you’re not getting any joy out of. But you’re a murder mystery suspense lover, so go right on and enjoy each and every page. You might also want to pay a little closer attention to some of the great shows on the TV networks these days.

Used to mostly reading, that should be a handy learning curve. The object of the exercise is to explore as many styles and angles within one single genre that is murder mystery and suspense. Just be sure to draw a careful distinction between this genre and that of the traditional crime drama. That popular TV genre, of which there are many, it’s not quite the same as your classic murder mystery, now is it.

murder mystery suspense book

Just about enough time to remind you to practice. If you’re going to be any good at this craft, you’re going to need to start practicing your writing. You need to do lots of it before you’ve found your own comfortable style. That is what you’re after, isn’t it? Originality. Not easy to achieve in this multimedia era.